Five Things You Need to be Aware of if You're Considering Vaginal Rejuvenation

Women who are considering vaginal rejuvenation need to carefully research the procedure and make sure it's right for them before they make a decision. Talk to your doctor, like those at Refined Dermatology, and consider the following five important things about vaginal rejuvenation that women need to know before they undergo the procedure.

Restoring Youthfulness

Women opt for the vaginal rejuvenation procedure because they feel that their vagina is showing signs of age and is not as taut and springy as it once was. Vaginal rejuvenation helps to remedy stretching or altering of the vagina due to age by tightening it up and improving its elasticity. 

Recovering from Childbirth

A lot of the women who opt to undergo this procedure do so because they have gone through childbirth and this has stretched out their vaginas and reduced the sensation felt during sexual intercourse. Women who have gone through multiple vaginal births can have their vagina restored to its original state with the vaginal rejuvenation procedure. 

Stop Smoking Before Undergoing Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery

Vaginal rejuvenation is a surgical procedure, and properly healing from the procedure is important to enjoying the full benefits the procedure offers.

Women who smoke are encouraged to stop smoking before the procedure because smoking makes healing more difficult for the body. Smoking can hamper healthy circulation, causing the recovering process to take longer. Women who smoke and are not willing and able to stop--at least temporarily--may want to avoid vaginal rejuvenation. 

General and Local Anesthesia

As with any type of surgery, vaginal rejuvenation can entail some discomfort. However, general and local anesthesia used during the procedure will generally minimize or eliminate discomfort. Talk to your doctor to see which kind they prefer and recommend for your procedure, taking into account your own preferences.

There may be some soreness or bruising right after the vaginal rejuvenation procedure, but it should quickly pass away as the surgery site heals. 

Recovery Period

A recovery period will be required after the procedure during which the patient will need to carefully follow the surgeon's instructions. Typically, the surgeon will make certain recommendations to women to help them recover from surgery as quickly as possible.

It is generally recommended that women keep ice on the surgical site to keep bruising and swelling down after surgery. Also, women should not engage in sexual intercourse or do any heavy lifting in the days and even week after the procedure. Other recovery precautions include avoiding swimming and wearing loose clothing and underwear.