Three Ways A Dermatologist Can Help You Decrease The Chances Of Your Child Having A Reaction To The Makeup Worn During Dance

Children's skin can be sensitive because it has not been exposed to many things. When you have a child that wants to participate in dance, it is important to take him or her to a dermatologist before their first recital to see if they are able to wear the makeup or use the hair products that are often required. The guide below walks you through a few ways the dermatologist can protect your child's skin from a potential reaction to the products that you use on him or her.

An Allergy Test Can Be Conducted

The dermatologist can look closely at the products that you plan to use on your child in their office. They will know if there are specific ingredients within the products that could cause your child's skin or scalp to become dry or if there are products in them that your child is allergic to that is simply listed in an uncommon way. Tests can be done to determine if your child is allergic to the products before you apply them all over their face or all over their scalp.

Recommendations for Products Safe for Use on Children

The dermatologist will also be able to recommend products that they know are safe to use on children's skin. While you do not want to apply makeup or certain hair products on your child's skin or scalp every day, every once in a while will not be overly harmful to your child, as long as they are the right products. The doctor will more than likely suggest you use hypoallergenic products that do not contain dyes or perfumes to better the chances of your child not having a reaction to them. There are products on the market that are made from all natural ingredients and designed to be used on people with sensitive skin.

Learn How to Remove the Products Safely

Finally, the dermatologist will be able to walk you through the process of removing the products from your child's face and scalp safely. You do not want to scrub their face with harsh, chemical laden cleansers as it can dry out your child's skin and could cause a rash to develop.

If your child does have a reaction to the makeup or hair products that you use, take him or her to the dermatologist right away so that they can determine what is wrong. An ointment may help to soothe any tenderness or itching that your child is experiencing and keep the area from scarring.