How To Prepare For A Botox Injection Procedure

Botox injection procedures are highly successful methods to treat many different types of medical conditions, such as the reduction of facial wrinkles, treatment for an overactive bladder, prevention of migraine headaches, and other physical conditions. If your doctor has recommended botox injections, you will want to prepare for this procedure so that you can get the maximum amount of benefit from it. Here are some general suggestions to prepare for a botox injection procedure: 

Check With Your Doctor Regarding Your Medications and Dietary Supplements:  Inform your doctor of any medications, vitamins, and/or dietary supplements that you take on a regular basis so that he or she can anticipate any complications that may occur when you get botox injections. Medications such as blood thinners, muscle relaxants, allergy medicines, and sleeping aids are of particular concern. Ask your doctor for guidance on which medications and supplements you can continue to take and which medications and supplements you should refrain from taking and how long you should refrain from taking them before your botox injection procedure. 

Avoid Strenuous Exercise:  Do not participate in any strenuous exercise for at least 24 hours after you have your botox injection procedure. This will make sure that the botox fluid that is injected does not spread to other parts of your body where it is not intended to go. You can participate in gentle exercise if desired but avoid any and all strenuous activity.  

Clean and Moisturize Your Face and Neck:  If you are getting botox injections to reduce facial wrinkles, keep your face and neck consistently clean and moisturized prior to your botox injections. This will make sure that your skin is soft and pliable and able to accept the botox injection fluid successfully. 

Freeze Two Ice Packs:  Have two ice packs ready in your freezer so that when you return home from the hospital or doctor's office you can place one of them on your botox injection site to reduce swelling and redness. With two ice packs, you can alternate them on your injection site and not have to wait while one of them gets cold in your freezer. The hospital or doctor's office will have ice packs for your use while you are there, but you will want to continue to apply ice packs when you get home. Your doctor will let you know how long to apply these ice packs to your injection site.  

The above suggestions are general preparations and should be discussed with your doctor when planning for your botox injection procedure. The physical condition of your body and your situation may differ from the above listed general preparations and your doctor, such as at Azalea Skin Treatment Center, will advise you what is best for you. With proper preparation and planning, you can have a very successful botox injection procedure that will give you great results for months and years to come.